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Well, it's 5am and I haven't slept all night! Actually, I got a lot accomplished. Who needs sleep anyway? It's a waste of time if you ask me. If the human body was built to withstand the rest of our lives awake, then this world would be far more advanced then it is now-we need plugs we can plug into computers as we work, and just like they do with cell phones, we can be 'used' and be 'recharged' at the same time! YES!

Actually, no, I didn't get a lot accomplished. Maybe I just wish I did. *sigh* But I did update ALL of my journals which I've been meaning to do in the past week. This week's been hectic, and I'm glad it's almost over. Maybe next week will be a little more forgiving? I need to spend hella-time with my horses. I feel like I don't even know them anymore! *tear*

So Grad's comin' up. My dress is nearly done, my necklace is bought and my shoes are resting comfortably under my bed-well, boots that is. I would have liked to have had a date for prom, but that's just how life goes. I'll be famous one day and say "yeah, I never had a date for prom!" and everyone will gasp and say "MY GOD!" Haha. 5:04. I've decided to be the chauffeur this year, as I usually am for most drinking events. I'm not a boozer, plain and simple. I'd rather be the responsible one than allow some drunkard to decide my fate. Yup.

Speaking of drunkard, Kidnapping's coming up soon! Christ! I've been so paranoid about it for so long, but we all reckon it's next week. I just hope my boys are responsible enough to get me home safe...that's all I ask.
My tattoo rox.
And my room is infested with Spiders. WHY MUST IT BE SPIDER SEASON! UGH! Spiders, spiders everywhere and not a drop to drink. Ew. Okay, babbling. Hm, maybe I should feed my horses now? I don't think it's light out yet. They'd probably appreciate an early meal, although I gave them a lot at dinner. Maybe it's that bottle of Coke that's keeping me up? Hm?

Signing off 5:08,
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My heart won't skip a beat

So the big weekend approaches.
I've been feeling rather ill these past few days, I think it's a mixture of stress and pressure that's breaking me down. I hate 4th term. It always seems hardest.
So I've slept enough sleep to last me the week, I presume, and of course enough homework that I've missed to last me at least two weeks. I don't know what was more heathly, the sleep? Or missing the work.
Time will tell, I suppose.

I'm off to Vancouver this Sunday, big event. I hope all ends well.

That's all for now, lots of love,
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The Good times: To come and go...

I was first there for her when she was introduced into a Different world,
We were friends, tightly woven against the pattern of time And yet frayed
Under the pressure of social acceptance.
She still has those unicorns I drew for her, those zebras Grazing against
A crayon sun and I wonder if she ever takes them out and Holds them,
Wondering if they'll speak. Those days are past, long gone And I
Wonder if she'll go on with a life she never had. Or said she Didn't.
The sinew of our past finally tied years down the road and we Were
Thrown into a roller coaster, one that I had enjoyed. But I Never asked if she did.
Pride can be dangerous, and yet some of us dwell upon the Swelling bubble that it is.
This would have been different if we were older, I think. The Way she speaks of her possessions
Reminds me oddly of a teddy bear we used to fight over in Grade five. That is all they are to her,
Possessions that come in every shape and size, all Conveniently shaped to fit the size of her palm.
In a way, this has opened my eyes to who she really is, when All along, I knew a straw
Was to break the camel's back. Inside, I hoped that we would Have grown up by now.
That voice I'll never forget - Swelling with anger, fear, Loathing...perhaps I was just a
Possession to her, a possession that stepped out of line. I Thought we had more, more than
Just a master, slave relationship, but I was wrong, oh, so Wrong.
I'll count the days until I can see her, perhaps with Children, perhaps with none,
And laugh of the old times, the good times that we shared. Because that's all that matters.
The good times.
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The Breath of Death - Chapter One.

They say that evil is spawned within the deepest root of each gnarled tree. It seeps from the blood red oceans of Tartarus into the rich soil of the earth, bubbling its way to the surface and into the snaking roots of an unsuspecting tree, infecting the seeds and the wood with the plague of evil.
And it stood tall, casting the land in a bitter shadow, peering high above any other branch. It's gnarled knots twisted and bunched along the thick bark and oozed red sap, dripping in thick clumps to the forest floor, killing every blade of grass daring to sprout above the thriving roots. The branches prodded out like tangled arms, pointing to the sky, the floor and its jealous neighbors. Oh, how the tree grew tall, fueled by the furnace of licking flames and the poison elixir of life, created at the hands of Typhus, a monstrous being doomed to the realms of gloom and eternal madness.
The demons of hell had taken the tree, unbeknown to a single soul...
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(no subject)

:: The scene falls into a serene lake, the summer wind gently strumming against the surface of a crystal blue and green lake. The birds, excited of the new spring day, but the sound of a girl's scream emerges, and the scene flashes to a girl, drowning in the lake with her friend, standing upon a dock above the dying girl's head. The girl upon the dock looks away, allowing her friend to drown within minutes inside of the swallowing deep. ::

You wouldn't stand by to watch your friend die. Do something about it.

Friends, the anti-drug.

I don't know what made me think of this commercial. When I first saw it, it touched me deep. The scene of the two girls inside of the beautiful setting was breathtaking, but once the screams erupted from the lake, we could clearly see that the one girl upon the dock looked ashamed, but did not bother to do anything about her dying friend.
And that's how it is, everyday. That's just how it is. What can we do? What can you do.

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(no subject)

And when it gets cold outside and you got nobody to love (whoaoowhoaoo), you'll understand what I mean when I say there's no WAY we're gonna' give up (whoaoowhoaoo) Like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams (whoaoowhoaoo) Is there anyone out there 'cause it's gettin' harder and harder to breathe!

Hello boys and girls! It's almost the end of the month and that means...I'M FINISHED BIOLOGY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!! But the truth is, folks, there's a chance I'm going to have to redo the prov. in June. But let's just pretend I passed it, k!? I saw Big Fish! Damn, it was a good movie, and Ewan...let's not get into that again. *winks* Bio's over. *phew* Writing's over. And those are the only classes that really mattered. I'm looking forward to art on Thursday! Whoohoo!
That's looks like a fine update. Rock on0rz!

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New Layout!

Ah yes, I've finally decided on a layout I'm going to stay with for at least a month or so. *nods* But yes, the week's been going fine, other than my illness, which by the way, still hasn't lifted. Big Fish came out yesterday! Oooh, I want to see it so bad...hopefully tuesday's open, and I'll take the chance. Mmmm Ewan...! Anyhoo, I'm on an icon-making rampage. I just figured out how to make those little movie icon things! They're so awesome. The icon I'm using is actually the first one I've made with most of the knowledge I know, excluding the movie thingies, but I'm still learning. *grins* Well, have a good week y'all.

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Something wicked this way comes...

Ah, I've got the flu. It's nasty. Well...it's more like the butt-end of the flu, but it's still nasty. I guess I should hop on off to school tomorrow...I can't be missing too much of class...I know Kreuger's going to have a pony at this rate.
I need to find some new quizzes, since they offer a relief to the procrastinators. Any ideas? Hit me up.
I'm out.

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