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The fear of the forgotten.

I knew it would happen, to think of the day,
When everyone I knew had parted.
Some went in pairs, others went in threes,
And some, alone, forgotten.

I can still feel joy, from those days of old...
Lingering like a ghost that can't hide.
We sang, we laughed, we joked aloud,
But now those days are forgotten.

I thought I meant more than the casual smile
An impression I thought I'd left.
But it's better out there, than alone in here...
Forever I will be forgotten.

They don't know that I cry these tears of hate
For those who have promised to stay.
It went by so fast, why can't it be back?
I didn't want to be alone and forgotten.

It's too late now, and I wonder how
They can sleep so sound at night?
With my soul in distress, and my head such a mess
Maybe it's best I'm forgotten.

I'm always on a list, of things to do-
At the end of the night they'll remember.
They promise the next day, they'll call me awake
But my thought is always forgotten.

Now don't you think I haven't tried,
Because believe me, I always do.
They say they're not home, or away from the phone
But my message for them is forgotten.

When I do get ahold, of someone I know
They talk like we've talked for ages...
I want to cry out, to tell them about
How I'm the one you've forgotten.

Maybe it's fate, or the dish of my plate,
Because things always happen for a reason.
Maybe I'm cursed, to forever walk this earth
Alone, and painfully forgotten.


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