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Balthazaar has spoken

Well, folks. I had my first day of 'real' work today. In a union. Or with a union I suppose.

"Hello there, welcome to Petcetera, how may I help you?"

That's right. I work at a pet store. I can't see any job more fitting for me, other than a farrier, which may be soon to come. I work in 'livestock', so I really don't 'welcome' people, but rather answer questions (that I know) and harass other employees about questions I don't know! I clean cages and cuddle bunnies. It's a great job, but this was only my first day...You may hear different in a few weeks. My feet are killing me!

Horse update, Rocco's carting. He's such a good boy...I'm really waiting for his big hissy fit, because his behaviour is too good to be true...maybe he does love me! <3


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