Katie of Quidditch (katie_quidditch) wrote,
Katie of Quidditch


Uncertainty is what I feel.
A burning; Aching sharp pain courses through my veins.
I can't breathe, my throat has closed.
Fear is what I feel.
A yearning; What do I do? Where will I go? Who will I see?
I can't see, my eyes are moist with hazy tears.

Why must I let them down? I have a choice to follow the path before me, or construct one with my bare hands and to tell them what I see instead. I've left it for too long...maybe it's too late. It would be easier to do what they say, emotionally, anyway. I wouldn't have to look into their disappointed eyes any longer.
Sadness destroys any glimpse of the new sun. I am uncertain what to feel in these times...perhaps uncertainty is what I am suppose to feel, when everything is said and done.

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