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It's been a while

Hm. Watchin' Oprah.
I realize that there's so much more to life than what a keyboard can offer. Grad year is different in the way that everyone feels the same way about pretty much everything...we all want to enjoy our last year as a ...group, really. I'm talking to more people...John, namely. I talked to him the other day in the hall randomly and I surprised myself. It's different...there's a different air about everything, really.
When college comes in the fall, I'm sure my computer will be forgotten. As will most of the relationships I've created both online and not. We'll see, won't we...hm...

I cried last night. And hell, I've never been one to bitch or whine in my journal, but I just need to get it out. So many things are changing...college wasn't even a word in my vocabulary three years ago. I'm scared. I'm a different person-I've lost something in myself...something that will take years to get back. I've accepted it. I've learned to accept disappointment and heartache. I'm aging too quick. When I turn 20, I'll be 45.
One day I'll learn to balance my soul. The key to life is balance.


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